WOMAN ON THE MOVE provides a multi-incentive platform for both successful career women and aspiring entrepreneurs and entertainers who wish to network and exchange meaningful dialogue by participating in FREE and exclusive workshops and seminars. Women on the Move gathers and highlights the lives and work of educated women who have solidified successful careers in the music, media, business, politics, and other entertainment related fields. Participants are offered a unique experience designed to support, encourage, empower, and educate attendees about the different career opportunities in these vast fields.

WOMAN ON THE MOVE has also created and implemented a program that targets female students attending high school/ college in the New York City/ Tri-State area. The program runs throughout March, as a tribute to Women’s History Month. Panels are setup and moderated by professional businesswomen, artistes, authors, politicians, and other top executives. They are given priceless knowledge and information regarding their career choices, participate in question/ answer forums and workshops, and qualify for the Women On The Move Intern Program. We promote self esteem, awareness, and firming believe in continued outreach to assist students in creating solid plans to attain their goals as well as the execution of such plans.

WOMAN ON THE MOVE is here to motivate change. The roles of women in our history have changed drastically as women now play a leading role in our county’s economy and businesses. We firmly believe in and are dedicated to providing young women with the resources needed to be a part of the change and advancement as they continue their education and achieve their personal and professional goals.

WOMAN ON THE MOVE is here to encourage and help continue that growth.


Women On The Move is an organization that helps young women achieve professional success and embrace philanthropy as a key ingredient of that success. The mission of our organization is to INFORM, EDUCATE, & EMPOWER the next generation of female business owners, political figures, entertainers, educators, authors, and high-level executives. We do this through the sharing and crafting of transformational stories. WOTM provides venues for both speakers and listeners committed to growth, transformation and a community of support. Women on the Move mentor as they move.


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We create events aiming to spear the voice for Women and gather for support. Please update with our events and confirm your presence.


Women on the Move - We Mentor as We Move // Contact us with any questions, ideas, or concerns.

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Women on the Move - We Mentor as We Move // Contact us with any questions, ideas, or concerns.

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